Capturing Memories

Photography is literally capturing light. But more importantly, it's about capturing memories. Memories of people we love. Memories of good times, and even not-so-good times. Many memories can be captured with a with a smartphone on the spur of the moment. Some memories call for the services of a professional photographer. If it's a birthday, a graduation, a family get together, or just for fun, I can help you capture those memories!


The Fine Print

* A $50 deposit is REQUIRED to reserve a shooting date.

* Online galleries DO NOT contain every photo taken during your session. Online galleries will contain ONLY the EDITED photos from your session that Carlton Griffith Photography deems the best, both artistically and technically. Carlton Griffith Photography DOES NOT release raw files, digital negatives, or any type of unedited photos under any circumstance.

* Carlton Griffith Photography has prints available as packages or à la carte from a professional print lab. The included print release also allows you to download and print the photos at any lab of your choosing - but please do not use office supply stores for your prints or add social media filters when you share your photos online.

* Carlton Griffith Photography retains the copyright to the photos and reserves the right to use the photos for marketing purposes on their website and/or social media channels unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance by both parties. Your photos and/or contact information will never be given to or sold to third parties.

* Thank you for your business!